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  • IT Support & Helpdesk offering:

    • Introducing Summit's Automated Remote Assistant (SARA)  a Proactive solution that acts as a "24x7hr" IT tech, that automatically fixes desktop and server issues.  How it works, our team installs a software agent, which has been pre-configured with computer maintenance tasks, that enables SARA to tackle issues before they arise which will reduce potential downtime related to computer issues.

    • SummitHelp -  Summit's "Helpdesk Services"  we offer two different types of Helpdesk solutions, our Complete or our Supplemental.  Choose Supplemental to enhance your existing IT support staff.  If you do not have a IT department and want someone to call when you are experiencing issues, then choose our Complete solution and call us when you need us.  Either choice gets you the same level of expertise from our helpdesk support team.

    •  SummitNOW - Summit's "Network Onsite Work"  Have a project or need troubleshooting expertise?  We offer fixed rate, not to exceed, block hours for troubleshooting or integration projects that involve hardware and software solutions for your business. 

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