Business IT solutions that work for you

What We Offer:

Summit Digital Networks helps businesses make the most of the newest technology to maximize the efficiency of an organization. The methods by which an organization manages its information and its information flow, can often be the most important factors that determine success. It is critical that the technology companies employ are tools that work, and do not create new obstacles to overcome.

1. 100% Predictable IT Spending
Complete or supplemental IT services at fixed rates – no surprises. Get everything you’d expect from a fully staffed and equipped IT department at a fraction of the cost. Take the risk of costly, unforeseen repairs out of your budget altogether, and rest assured that any problems you may encounter will be resolved quickly, effectively, and professionally – without ANY additional charge.

2. Consulting and Troubleshooting on Demand
We are available to troubleshoot a persistent problem you have, implement projects, perform upgrades, or work with your existing IT staff whenever they are overwhelmed, on an as-needed basis. Just give us a call – we’ll help fill in the gaps.

3. Business Continuity
Beyond backup, beyond redundancy, solutions to keep your business up and running during and after any event, including loss of equipment, loss of power, and even loss of an entire location. Because the cost of downtime is MUCH more than just the expense of fixing the cause, we can position your organization to limit or avoid downtime altogether in the case of system or component failure. We understand that there is more than one approach to any challenge, and no one solution fits every organization, so we have several different scalable and customizable solutions to make sure that your organization is prepared to avoid downtime, regardless of any failures or events that may occur, with recovery times appropriate to your tolerance level.

4. Additional Tools and Support for In-House IT Staff
We’ve dealt with many IT departments from many different organizations, and found that almost all of them have this in common – they are overwhelmed. Whether there’s one person in the department or several, there doesn’t seem to be enough manpower to keep up with the demands placed on them. As a result, end-users must wait an unacceptably long time to have their computers fixed, resulting in rising frustration levels and falling productivity. This often causes proactive maintenance of the existing systems to become lower priority and it is left undone altogether. The all too frequent result: less efficient operations and more frequent system failures.

At Summit Digital Networks, we’ve been there: we perform many of the same roles for our customers that your IT staff performs for your company. The powerful tools that we use to help service our customers have been indispensable in keeping on top of the many demands, and we can make them available for your in-house IT staff to use. We’ll train and support your staff in their use to help them perform their job more efficiently and effectively, without burdening them with even more systems to manage.

5. Website Design

6. Off-site Hosting
• Website
• POP3
• Exchange Hosting
• Co-location
• Hosted spam and virus filtering

7. Telephone System Sales and Installation

8. Audio Visual System Sales and Installation

9. Hardware, Software, and Voice and Data Service Sales
We’re not your typical reseller. While we are fully authorized, we’ve also developed relationships with several equipment and service providers to make sure you have a full range of options available to you, for the best price and most convenient ordering options.