Business IT solutions that work for you

Who We Are:

Summit Digital Networks is a Managed Service Provider and Value Added Reseller (VAR). Our core focus is to provide business application and information access through infrastructure design and support. Summit’s comprehensive IT skills and years of experience, coupled with a broad range of industry leading products and services, enable us to tailor application infrastructure solutions that support each customer's unique business objectives. We go beyond simply reselling and installing products by researching an organizations business model, educating them about the options that exist, and helping to match them with the correct solutions.

Who We Service:

Summit Digital Networks serves businesses, financial institutions, education, medical, government, and non-profit organizations that need Information Technology services and support. We fill in the gap for companies where IT services and resources are needed. Our customers typically recognize the value of outsourcing part or all of their IT needs to better focus on their strategic business objectives. By providing these services we remove the burden, of implementing and maintaining increasingly complex IT infrastructures, from our clients. The typical roles we fill depend on the organization’s size and existing resources:

Small to Medium Organizations with no internal IT staff
We typically provide fully outsourced consulting, and on-call technical services. These clients rarely have the need or resources to pay for full-time internal IT staff.

Medium to Large Organizations with 1 or more internal IT personnel
We typically provide extra resources for the in-house Administrator. We are an extra hand for projects that are too large, and a resource for consultation and questions that may be outside the area of the Administrator’s expertise.

Large Organizations with fully staffed IT personnel or divisions
We typically provide IT services and consultation for projects that the existing IT staff is not fully trained or experienced in. We also provide IT services for remote branch offices that do not have the departmental staffing that exists at the headquarter office.

Organization of Any Size
We are your direct line of communication to vendors such as Microsoft, Citrix, and Cisco, and your source for restricted channel-only products.